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Benefits of the Air we Breathe

In the rules of threes for survival, we can go without food for about three weeks, without water for about three days but without air no longer than 3mins. Unless you're a trained professional like Wim Hof, also known as the Ice Man, then you'd be able to hold your breath for more extended periods of time. For the common folk, that's not the case.


But what is air exactly? And what are the benefits of the air we breathe? Besides the obvious keeping us alive.


Air is made up of  

-Nitrogen (78%)

-Oxygen (21%)

-Water vapor (variable)

-Argon (0.9%)

-Carbon dioxide (0.04%)

-Trace gases


Nitrogen making up 78% of the air we breathe. Is an essential part of our health and responsible for making proteins in the body such as:









While our air is made up of a majority of nitrogen, we don't absorb the nitrogen we need for our bodies from the air. The way our body receives it is through food: meat, fish, legumes, nuts, eggs, milk, and other dairy products.


Oxygen making up 21% of the air we breathe, is absorbed by our body. It is responsible for almost every mechanism of our body. Some interesting facts are:


-Energy is created by your body using oxygen to break down the food you eat into sugar turning, it into the energy your body needs.


-Digestion & Respiratory Your respiratory system and digestive system work together. Breathing delivers adequate oxygen to the blood giving your digestive system what it needs to break down food. The respiratory system depends on the energy the digestive system creates by breaking down food. 


-Healthy immune system, many bacteria, and viruses can not survive in a well-oxygenated body. A lack of oxygen, however, can cause systemic inflammation in the body and a breeding ground for pathogens. 


-Eliminates toxins by a process called oxidation oxygen breaks down these harmful toxins so the body can eliminate them. However, the more toxins you carry, the more oxygen you will need to break down these invaders. Doing your best to stay healthy and avoiding unnecessary exposer to chemicals will help to keep those levels down. An easy way to eliminate these chemical toxins in the first place is by running an air purifier in your home office or on the go. 


      Fun Facts:     

  • When oxygen binds to the hemoglobin in the blood, it turns it red, blood without oxygen would be blue. 


  •  Humans need oxygen to live, and plants need carbon dioxide to sustain life. The by-product of the human breath (respiration) is carbon dioxide, and the by-product of plant life (photosynthesis) is oxygen. Both plants and humans depend on each other to live. It is in this exchange that we are connected. 


  • The beautiful Northern Lights are caused when the nitrogen and oxygen of the air collide with fast-moving electron particles. Oxygen emits a greenish-yellow light or a red light while nitrogen emits blue light.


We can all introduce more oxygen to our body with the air we breathe. Keeping plants in the house, increasing the oxygen in the body through a deep breathing exercise. Remember Wim hof, also known as the Ice Man that I mentioned at the beginning. He can teach you how to quickly and easily do this kind of breathwork to increase your immunity and rid your body of toxins here


Lastly, by introducing an air purifier into your home, removes any chemicals and dust competing in the same space as the air. The lack of pollutants in the air allows you to absorb more oxygen, which naturally raises your immune system, especially at night, when your body is trying to regenerate. 


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